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In these early stages of friendship, each party is discovering the characteristics of the other, but because both are keen to create a good impression underlying personality traits are hidden. The second phase of a relationship, and as the novelty and newness wears off, the true personality of those involved start to appear. This is when the true value of synastry can be used to decide if the relationship has the foundation to last the test of time.

A reading like this will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of each party, allowing the other to establish how compatible the relationship is likely to be. A synastry reading will include the determination of parallels and contra-parallels between the positions of the planets. Parallels are similar to conjunctions with the opposite being contra-parallels. Planets that form an aspect to each other are considered in parallel and consequently much stronger in its bearing in the natal chart at the time of birth. By reading these conjunctions and accepting that the planets play a major role in our character makeup, we can determine the compatibility of two people through synastry.

Without going into too much detail, astrology has found there to be accepted compatibility matches between different zodiac signs on a basic level. However, it is important to bear in mind that even though some people may share the same Sun sign, each person is still uniquely different. Therefore, delving into the deeper aspects of the natal chart and considering the parallels, contra-parallels and the various planetary alignments will paint a deeper picture of the possible connection that can or is taking place.

The primary reason that Taurus is said to be a good match with a Virgo or a Pisces comes down to the head-strong nature of Taurus and their unwavering drive to succeed.

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Virgo and Pisces also have a degree of strength and determination to them, which can cause an attraction between these signs. Although the quality of stubbornness, determination and a head-strong nature are usually perceived as masculine qualities, it is not only the Taurus male who exhibits these traits. Taurean women are known to be equally stubborn and determined.

For these reasons, both Taurean men and women often do well in business and stop at nothing to achieve their goals and desires, which in it of itself, are also very attractive qualities. However, having said this, there are also differences between the male and female of any of the zodiac signs, while they will also share many character traits. Gemini people are said to be especially suited to a relationship with an Aquarius or Libran. This connection is primarily due to the Aquarian and Libran both feeling drawn to the affectionate nature of the Gemini. This is interesting as all three of these signs are water signs.

This earth sign is best suited to a Taurus or Capricorn. Again, we see a connection between three signs of the same element; earth. The all like the practical approach to life that the other brings. This could be primarily due to the peaceful vibe of the Libran that draws these two fire signs, whereas Libra can be attracted to their fiery nature.

Again, the Scorp is attracted and most compatible with the other two water signs of the zodiac, Pisces and Cancer for the reasons mentioned above. A Sag is also highly compatible with the other two fire signs of the zodiac, Leo and Aries along with Libra and Aquarius. Aquarians are said to be best suited to a Libra or Gemini character.

So, one of the main factors about love compatibility between 2 persons is the alchemical interaction between their Self, their Conscious, in other words, the alchemical interaction between their respective Suns, their Zodiac Signs.

On a Birth Chart, if we see the Sun in Leo [so Zodiac Sign Leo] and the Moon in Sagittarius, we will know that the 2 parts of the psyche they represent, the Conscious-Rationality [Sun] and the Unconscious-Emotions [Moon], are in tuning and work well together inside the personality of the person we are examining; how do we know that? Because Leo and Sagittarius are both of the same alchemical Element: Fire.

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So we can easily understand that those 2 Planets, Sun and Moon, fit good together because they are both on the same Element. Speaking psychologically, every Element corresponds to one of the 4 ancient psychological temperaments: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. Furthermore, each one of the Elements represents one of the 4 planes of the human psyche: Intuitive, Mental, Emotional and Sensorial.

How did they come to those answers? In Alchemy, there are 4 Attributes and 2 States.

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Every Alchemical Element possesses 2 Attributes and it has a State. Through these pieces of information we can understand every level of compatibility between the Elements, so between the Zodiac Signs, and it means between 2 partners. For example, a Capricornus person and a Virgo person share the same psychological tendencies because they are both Earth Signs, so both Cold and Dry with Quietness. When Earth and Water merge together they form the clay, the cement, so the love compatibility between those Signs is based on complementarity instead of affinity. There is the same kind of love matching between Fire Signs and Air Signs; they are complementary.

When Fire and Air merge together energy explodes; Air feeds Fire and Fire kindles Air, so those Signs have a love compatibility based on complementarity instead of affinity, a great base to build a good relationship. This complementarity law is also underlined by the fact that in Alchemy from the fusion between Water Element and Earth Element borns the alchemical Mercury , not the Planet, but the substance, that embodies the Passive Feminine Principle.

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On the other hand, there is a different kind of alchemical interaction between Earth and Fire or Water and Air. A love relationship between Signs of those pair of Elements it is possible, but it is not natural and easy like for Similar Signs or Complementary Signs and it could be hard to develop and bring it to success, because there are many differences and just few points in common. They are pretty different and share just a point of connection, so their love compatibility is not so high, but there is still hope: it is possible for an Earth Sign and a Fire Sign having a great love relationship if other factors in their Natal Charts Synastry support and help it like Venus, Ascendants, Houses, etc.

Closing, there is the alchemical dynamic between opposite Elements, Earth—Air and Fire—Water, and now you will see why it creates the lowest love compatibility. Earth Signs are Cold and Dry and they have Quietness, while Air Signs are Hot and Wet and have Excitement; they are totally opposites, there is no point of connection or something they can share.

Anyway, always remember that those are the general alchemical dynamics and that you have to look at the whole Synastry to understand the real compatibility between the persons involved. Other strong factors on the Natal Charts can favor a great relationship or a good marriage even between 2 Zodiac Signs of opposites Elements. For example, a Sagittarius man [Fire Sign] can have a great attraction and love compatibility with a Scorpius lady [Water Sign] if he has Venus in Scorpius in his own Birth Chart, because Venus is the planet of love see the next point for more info.

This is just one case of many possible others, but I used it to underline the concept that studying synastry between 2 people can be complex and the alchemical dynamics are just the general base to start understanding it. In a Birth Chart, Planet Venus represents that part of the human psyche where our eros, romance, pleasure, prosperity, ideals, and sense of beauty are. It means that it is also the place of our feelings, our capacity for love, our need for love and, above all, our way to love.

It expresses our way to relate to others and, consequently, the base to create an emotional connection and a real bond with someone else, especially with a love partner. So, in a Synastry the interactions that involve Venus can be a great indicator of love compatibility. This happens even if the natal Venus is not on the same degrees of the natal Sun of the potential partner.

But this factor becomes even stronger when there is the Conjunction between the natal Venus and the natal Sun of the potential partner, namely, when those 2 Planets are on the same degrees of a Zodiac Sign. Going on, there are other Conjunctions that involve Venus which are a good indicator of love compatibility. When the natal Venus is in Conjunction with the natal Mars of the potential partner there is a great compatibility , because of the big erotic energy created by this Aspect.

This Aspect lives of sexuality above all, because Venus and Mars are the 2 main sexual Planets on the Birth Chart and then in the human psyche. Venus represents the romantic sexuality, the preliminaries, the sweet attentions, the slow pleasure of making love; instead, Mars is the passional sexuality, the rough energy, the pure instincts, the beastly side of sex. When 2 potential partners have these 2 Planets in Conjunction, the attraction is powerful and the different energies exchange makes them very good lovers despite their opposite natures.

Even the Conjunction between the 2 natal Venuses of the potential partners is a signal of good compatibility, in this case, based on tuning , so affinity.

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The persons involved in this Aspect often share same interests and hobbies but also ideals. This could lead to a more platonic oriented relationship where sex is a secondary aspect despite both partners have same sexual tastes. Another powerful synastric Conjunction is between Venus and Jupiter , because of their temperate and prosperous nature. Speaking alchemically, Venus is Hot and Wet, but more Wet than Hot because of its closeness to the Moon source of Humid , Jupiter is even Hot and Wet , but more Hot than Wet because of its greatness; they are very similar but also compensate each other to create a perfect and wonderful balance.

This potential couple shares the same values and this gives a solid base to build a stable relationship, especially because of the great honesty, respect and sincere feelings between them.

Jupiter is a Social Planet , and its influence makes the partners dynamics about social life; They like showing themselves at parties, events, aperitifs, gala, dinners, etc. The Venus person particularly likes the way he feels in those social situations when he is next to the Jupiter person. This Conjunction is very often a signal of true love, it can be an indicator of a long, stable, and satisfying love story. Going ahead, we find that Venus conjunct with the Lunar Nodes of the potential partner is another strong signal of love compatibility, but with particular characteristics.

The issue is that, unfortunately, we western people forgot our roots and where we come from. So you can easily understand that when Venus, the planet of love, is conjunct with one of the Nodes of another person, this can indicate a bond which transcends time or, in any case, a type of relationship that gives us something we need. Venus in conjunction with Catabibazon indicates 2 Souls already met during their past path. It could mean that they are strongly connected and they share a true love which transcends a single existence. Anyway, pay attention, because this is not for sure.

Another meaning of this Conjunction could be about a trial, a sort of temptation from the past love which tries to bring back the Catabibazon person who would need to overcome it forever.