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What is a Cardinal Cross: A Primer

As always, feel free to message me here or on instagram with any questions, requests, or comments. Sister signs are two signs that are perfect opposites. They share similar qualities and equally balance each other. They share modality and are congenial signs. They are polar opposites on the zodiac which means the first zodiac is paired with the seventh, the second with the eighth, and so on.

Both signs tend to be leaders. Aries are take charge people and iron-willed, while Libras are fair and consider a myriad of options. Both signs are very emotional but also very controlling. They don't like to express their feelings or be vulnerable but they contain an inner self-confidence that doesn't rely on others.

The Meaning of the Cardinal Signs in Astrology

Both signs are very honest but can tend to be unreliable because they don't do well with routine and schedules. They like to continually expand their mind and world view, usually through travel. Both signs tend to have very traditional values especially when it comes to family and children. Cancers stand for uninhibited emotions and are maternal figures mother-like of the zodiac whereas Capricorns represent suppressed are the paternal figures of the zodiac father-like. Both signs have big egos and care deeply about what others think of them, though they hide this behind false self-confidence.

Leo, through their pride self-admiration and Aquarius, through their independence and originality. Maybe a friend said you were a cardinal sign at some point, and you were a little confused.

Or maybe you stumbled upon it in your astro research and wanted to know WTH it means. Like, does it have anything to do with the color red or your feathered friends?


Probs not, but hey, ya never know If you're a zodiac buff, you already know there are different types of signs in astrology: You have your Sun sign, your Moon sign , and your rising sign , among others. But while these are planetary signs—determined by where a certain planet was in the sky when you were born—a cardinal sign is a quality sign.

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Quality signs help determine how you approach things in life, and there are three major ones each encompassing four Sun signs : cardinal signs, fixed signs, and mutable signs. To make it even more interesting, quality signs line up with the four seasons. In a nutshell, that means cardinal signs start each weather season, mutable signs end every season, and fixed signs are in the middle of each season. This is super easy—your cardinal sign is determined by your Sun sign. Back to that whole seasons thing—each of these four Sun signs is tied to the beginning of a new season.

Aries starts Spring, Cancer kicks off summer, Libra begins fall, and Capricorn rings in winter, says Page. So, yeah, you're kind of a big deal in the sky and on the ground. You also love uniqueness and are a total trendsetter like, you wore army pants and flip flops way before Regina George did.

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They are:. These groupings are signs that are degrees apart the 12 constellations of the Zodiac belt are in the circle, which encloses our solar system. Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces This modality is flexible and changeable and its motion is alternating as it disburses energy between all the signs.

Cardinal Mode in Astrology: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn [WHAT IS YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE??]

So what is a Cardinal Cross vs. A Cardinal Cross is when there is at least one planet in each of the four signs of the cross.

If You’re A Cardinal Sign In Astrology, You're Likely A Born Leader

A T-Square is when there is at least one planet in three of the signs of the cross. Both are potent and dynamic events. And now, with more than 3 or 4 planets in these signs, it makes it all the more so and rarer.