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His descendants claim to possess the Guru's Edict. There is a gurdwara and its residential quarters were built by the people of village Kabulpur in Sammat The priest is a Sikh. From Shambhu railway station to the southwest, there is unmetalled road about three miles long. As villlage Kabulpur is situated nearby so this place is jointly known as Hasanpur-Kabulpur. UFRf3' [hdsrdt] A. See 'Y:EJ-r t! W:r [hass] n laughter, laughing. U1J [hast] Skt n hand.

See cm3".

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It was the capital of Kauravs. Situated on the bank of Ganga in district Meerut, it is around fifty-seven miles from Delhi. The ancient town was washed away by river Ganga. The present city is a new establishment. IGeographical Dictionary mentions this city as situated 22 miles to the north-east of Meerut; it further adds that Nichak. UtI" [hah] part a word, indicating grief, insult or wonder. Jol'iPa' [hakvara] adj driver, prompter. JIP n regarding the other as inferior; hatred, dislike. See lJ-g'T. His mother was Gauran who was from a Sikh family.

He was a resident of Batala. In the company of Bhai Budh Singh, he became a devotee of the Sikh doctrine. His father sent him to school in the town to learn the then state language. One day during a religious exchange between Haqiqat Rai and his Muslim classmates, the latter made some derogatory remarks against the Hindu goddess. Haqiqat Rai countered by asking how they would feel if such remarks were uttered about Bibi Fatima, daughter of Mohammad? The maulvi and his classmates could not bear this just remark and got a report lodged against him by the ruler Amir Beg of Sialkot to the state of Lahore.

The Muslim rulers told him to convert to Islam but Haqiqat Rai declined to do so. At this young Haqiqat Rai was killed by the order of Subedar Khan Bahadur Zakriakhan on 5th day ofthe eleventh month ofBikrami calendar in Sammat The memorial of Haqiqat Rai is situated to the east of Lahore at a distance of two miles,where a big fair of Basant Panchmi is held every year. Many ignorant persons have made it a part of daily prayer like "sIahi di bIdhI.

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After coming back, he narrated the story of his journey to the Guru. Shai Sanno included it in his bir manuscript : "pEra kharo agr kar jar.. UOT [hag] SktffCi.. See 'ti'orw. The skin is cleared. See ]';:r. This is the special sada hajur. It is term; Siir. Hazoor Sahib. It comes in zulhIjah, the twelfth month of who became a Sikh after Guru Gobind Singh performed the initiation ceremony of the Hijri calendar.

The manner of performing Hajj Khalsa. Then he turned a great warrior and is as under: When Mecca is the final halt, the pilgrim showed great valour in the battle ofAnandpur Sahib. This name for the upper part, and should remove his shoes but there is no ban on wearing wooden was not given by the Guru nor was it popular sandals.

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He must reach Mecca while singing then for hajar means the main or the chosen talbiya. The meaning of this song is '1 stand one. It was written to express sense of separation from his father; on the earth only your rule prevails.

He should take bath after reaching the sacred place Kaaba, and kiss S;:lg ;:Jsv;:Jd. He should perform seven rounds of Kaaba, three fast and four at slow speed. He must kiss the black stone during each circumambulation, then he should go to the place ofIbrahim and offer prayer. Then he should pray at the hill of Marva. The entire process should be completed by the ninth day of the month and on the tenth day, which is the day of mh;:Jf sacrifice, he should again perform H;:Jmaz at muz;:Jd;:JIIfa.

On reaching the pillar of the Devil, he must throw seven stones, thereafter on reaching mIna he should offer sacrifice ofa male goat, fat-tailed ram, cow or camel. Laying them down with faces towards Kaaba, he should stand by the right side ofthe animal and while uttering ;:Jllahu ;:Jkb;:Jf move the knife on the neck.

After this, the Haji should remove eh;:Jfam and put on clothes of his own liking.

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He should get tonsured, have his nails cut and stay there for three days. Before leaving Mecca, he must make a round of Kaaba and throw seven stones at the Devil's pillar and then he should drink water from the z;:Jmz;:Jm ;-; well.

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Many Muslims go to Madina as pilgrims to Mohammad's grave after their journey to Mecca. They do not consider Hajj to be complete without this but people belonging to v;:Jhabi sect hold that honouring the grave is. The person who performs Hajj according to the method mentioned above is called Haji "kIa h;:Jj kabE jae. UG [h;:Jtl imperative form of h;:Jtna; turn, come back.

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  • Here it means 'the fourteen worlds. See J'RCiaT. JOT [hatha] adj obstinate. There are two types of obstinate persons. One type is ofthe superstitious, who, due to ignorance do not give up wrong beliefs even after knowing the reality. They are stubborn, deserving to be condemned. Such persons, who due to greed or fear, do not forsake true thought and do not show spiritual weakness. The Sikhs recollect such a person's name in their daily prayer.

    This is the example of pious insistence. His headquarters were in the Sindhi area of Burhanpur, district Nimar where he used to recite hymns by re:moving the appellation of Nanak and adding! Mata Sundri disengaged herself from him due to this lapse. He went to central India C.