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In other words, whatever is born or done at this particular moment of time has the quality of this moment of time. Many people assume, for instance, that astrology is all nonsense. It is true that astrology has nothing to do with the stars. The horoscope may say that you were born in Taurus, but the constellations today have moved and horoscopes no longer correspond to the actual positions of the stars. The important point is that the horoscope is true only in the time sense, not astronomically.

It is independent of the stars. It simply means that there is a moon-law in every woman and likewise the laws of the stars in every human being but not in the relation of cause and effect. Jung, December 11, The thing that matters is not the position of the stars, the thing that matters is time. You can call time what you like.

Astrological Ages: Pisces & Virgo 0 - 2012ish CE

It is quite indifferent whether you say the spring-point is zero degrees Aries or 28 Pisces; that is a convention; it is nevertheless the spring-point. So you see, these old designations of time were not taken from the heavens, but given to the heavens. So obviously the constellations were not intended by the creator of the world to be an astrological text-book to us.

Consequently the correlations with the planetary houses are purely fictitious, and this rules out the possibility of a causal connection with the actual positions of the stars, so that the astrological determination of time is purely symbolic. Even so, the rough correlation with the actual seasons remains unimpaired, and this is of great significance so far as the horoscope is concerned. There are also the fluctuations of proton radiation, which have been proved to exert a considerable influence on human life.

These are all causally explicable influences and argue in favor of astrological correlations that conform to law. To that extent, therefore, I would be inclined to rank astrology among the natural sciences. On the other hand, astrological observation yields cases where one hesitates to maintain the validity of a purely causalistic explanation.

The horoscope … is itself a mandala a clock with a dark center, and a leftward circumambulatio with houses and planetary phases. Jung in Psychology and Alchemy. My main criticisms of astrologers. If I were to venture an opinion in a domain with which I am only very superficially acquainted, I would say that the astrologer does not always consider his statements to be mere possibilities.

The interpretation is sometimes too literal and not symbolic enough, also too personal. What the zodiac and the planets represent are not personal traits, they are interpersonal and objective facts. The ruler of my birth, Old Saturnus, slowed down my maturation process to such an extent that I became aware of my own ideas only at the beginning of the second half of my life, i. My evenings are taken up very largely with astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth. Some remarkable things have turned up which will certainly appear incredible to you.

In the case of one lady, the calculation of the position of the stars at her nativity produced a quite definite character picture, with several biographical details which did not pertain to her but to her mother — and the characteristics fitted the mother to a T. The lady suffers from an extraordinary mother complex. Jung, in a letter to Sigmund Freud, June 12, Twice it has happened to me: once in England and once in America. I was told that my sun was in Leo and my Moon in Taurus, Aquarius rising.

This made a great impression on me.

How the devil did they know? Did they see it in my face?

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Now that is where astrology is today. It enables certain people to make verifiable diagnoses and sometimes certain guesses, intuitive shots, that are peculiarly adequate, quite astonishing.

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Of course, the more ancient the horoscope, the more projected it was. Where modern astrology would say, This man is violent, impetuous, heedless of danger, will plunge into all sorts of indiscretions and will regret it afterwards, the ancients would have said: This man will commit murder and his head will be cut off — or make voyages and be drowned, or he is likely to be assailed by bad people.

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So what today is taken as a mere psychological factor, in those days was held to be fate. One can expect with considerable assurance, that a given well-defined psychological situation will be accompanied by an analogous astrological configuration.

A Christian Astrologer on the Age of Aquarius

I dare say that we shall one day discover in astrology a good deal of knowledge that has been intuitively projected into the heavens. For instance, it appears that the signs of the zodiac are character pictures, in other words libido symbols which depict the typical qualities of the libido at a given moment…- C. Jung in a letter to Sigmund Freud, June 12, Here the house as domus propria means the matrix of the substance. When the moon is in a strong position, it points to the more personal, the intimate and unguarded side of the person, it indicates one who is in a very passive condition.

When man is roaring like a lion there is nothing better to tame him than a virgin. She will cut the hair of the lion and make it short, like Samson and Delilah… — Carl G.

Astrological Ages

Your Sun in Libra demands undisturbed balance. You only get it when either side carries equal weight. Christ is crucified between the one going up and the other going down, i. So do not try to escape your fate written in the stars. I know, it is the mistake of Libra people: they are afraid of anything disturbing the balance.

But they can maintain it only by studying what troubles them. Jung to Father Victor White. Statements by men on the subject of female psychology suffer principally from the fact that the projection of unconscious femininity is always strongest where critical judgment is most needed, that is, where a man is involved emotionally.

This is particularly obvious in the astrological interpretation of the sun and moon, not to mention the age-old assumptions of mythology. Alchemy is inconceivable without the influence of her elder sister astrology, and the statements of these three disciplines must be taken into account in any psychological evaluation of the luminaries. Two centuries earlier Voltaire had proposed the concept, but not given it this name. This can be calculated — as Jung did — from the processional rate, as follows. In Aion, Jung used a processional rate of This he took as the angle by which the Vernal Equinox Point changes, as seen against the stars, each year.

However, the techniques to measure precession are now much more accurate than they were in the s. The currently accepted value of the precessional rate [ AD] is Of course, even if you believe that this is the right way to find the start of the Age, the problem with this approach is… when did the Age of Pisces begin? This depends on where the constellation border lies between Pisces and Aries.

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How can you use one type of boundary for one Age and another type of boundary for the next? Because of the definition of an Astrological Age. The Tropical Zodiac Pisces sign of Western astrology plays no role — in fact by definition it cannot, as in the Tropical Zodiac the Vernal Equinox Point never moves through the sign of Pisces, it stays still at the beginning of Aries. This Jung is well aware of.

The Age of Aquarius Is Still Distant

In this Zodiac, which is quite close to the reality of the heavens, the Vernal Equinox Point is now very close to the end of the Sidereal Sign of Pisces. He is not talking about the real constellations, the Real Solar Zodiac, on which he bases his concept of the Astrological Age. This is somewhat strange, as he is very explicit that the Astrological Age concept refers to the actual constellations — see below.

He was, after all, first and foremost a psychoanalyst, not an astrologer. It should be noted that the concept of a Great Month appears nowhere in the writings of Plato [ — BC]. However, since his writings this usage seems to have grown as another term for the Great Year. In this he had rather a different view from the earlier work of Gerald Massey. Below are excepts — all from Aion — of what he wrote on the subject.

I later set it all down in Aion.

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I realized it was my duty to communicate these thoughts, yet I doubted whether I was allowed to give expression to them. During my illness I received confirmation and I now knew that everything had meaning and that everything was perfect. I mean by this the dilemma of Christ and Antichrist.